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I am Albert Bruno Llach, a nutritionist interested in ancient wheats, modern wheats and their impact in our health.

From its beginning in 2006 until its closure in 2016, I worked in the bakery and organic pastry shop Barcelonareykjavik. There I got in touch with the world of ancient wheats and found that it went far beyond spelt. I had the opportunity to know the raw ingredients first hand, to experiment with it and to meet the small producers of my country. Without them, without their dedication, curiosity and knowledge, we would not have the opportunity to savour wheats like Enkir, Emmer or Persian wheat, and we would be subject to the homogeneity of large companies, with their own modern wheats, fast yeasts or fake sourdough.

Short biography: Although my studies have been diverse, since I began to study naturopathy 25 years ago, food has been a focus. During my Craniosacral studies in IMI Kiental, Switzerland, a pioneering European center in macrobiotics, I was able to work in the kitchen and learn while practicing. With the studies of Vodder Manual Lymph Drenage, I also found food as an inseparable nodule of the person’s well-being. For years I was a anatomy teacher in a Shiatsu school, where students’ interest in food issues strengthened my own. I started my studies as a Senior Technician in Dietetics at the IFP Roger de Llúria, attracted by the combination of our science and the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine promoted by its director, Olga Cuevas. Those were exciting years that left me wanting more, so I studied Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the university.

As a professional nutritionist my interest in the field of food is wide. Understood in its most extensive meaning, the word diet from the Greek “diaita” (“life regime”) is my way of thought. My attention focuses on food, its origins, varieties, cooking, beneficial or harmful effects and the will to promote one’s involvement in the art of food as a source of health.

The growth of celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivities; the fact that one of the basic foods in our diet, which we like to call Mediterranean, is so unknown, distorted and mistreated or the savoury pleasures and gastronomic qualities of ancient wheats, are all reasons that led me to create this website where I will match the results of my investigation.

I hope you find information of interest about the world of wheat, yeast and associated pathologies and start looking at ancient wheats in a different way.

In my cabinete I work from the meeting places of our Mediterranean diet and other Mediterranean diets with Traditional Chinese Medicine, European naturopathic currents and the latest scientific research.

  • I teach bakery workshops with local ancient wheats and sourdough.
  • I give talks about ancient wheats, celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivities as well as other health matters.
  • I offer nutritional training for companies, schools and other groups.
  • Food Security consultant.

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Thank you for your interest and enjoy the website!